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Road Cycling

The vast network of open roads linking every little village and city in the region makes Niseko a mecca for road racers and touring groups. Most people associate Japan with narrow busy roads packed with traffic lights and bumper to bumper cars, well not in Hokkaido.  Hokkaido is the last frontier of Japan and with a population of 5 Million and the majority of them residing in the 3 major cities of Sapporo, Asahikawa and Hakodate this leaves a lot of road available for safe enjoyable cycling on smooth, open tarmac.
Depending on your terrain preference and what you would like to see and do you can choose relaxing agricultural rides through the flats of Niseko’s potato fields, or if you want to get the heart pumping then you can do some wonderful scenic mountain rides down to the coasts. Or simply enjoy a lap around Mt. Youtei the infamous Fuji-san of the north! The options really are unlimited!


Niseko and Hokkaido region is a must for people who want to tour around by bike in Japan. There are numerous camping areas, beautiful lakes, scenic by-ways, fresh springs to fill up your water bottle with, hot springs gallore, farms with fresh, cheap produce, and so much to see and do, it really is a touring mecca.  We promise you won’t be disappointed with a cycle tour in Hokkaido!!
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